Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beauty, Uncensored: The Atkins Diet

I've discovered from recent experience that when life hands you lemons, it's a great time to go on a diet.

My family has had a difficult fall season- nothing out of the ordinary, but, you know, difficult. We all go through those seasons from time to time, right? Anyway, I had read several months ago that hard times are a good point at which to make life changes, the ones that are uncomfortable to make when times are good. And for me, that meant it was a prime opportunity to lose the 15 pounds I'd been wanting to get rid of for the last, oh, YEAR.

To read the rest of "Beauty, Uncensored: The Atkins Diet", head over to Lindsay Ferrier's new column at The Stir by CafeMom.


punxxi said...

it works for a while, until you become too bored with it, but in principle is good so if you can stay in the low carb mode most of the time, you will do pretty well. here is nothing thsat we buy that isn't low carb, and that includes pasta. Try Dreamfields, it is the only low carb pasta we have found that is really tasty, we never tell people they are eating lcp and they can't tell.

Jim said...

Eat more good fat and less bad fat ...that would be a wise tips.

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